5 Steps to an Effective Spa and Salon Disinfection Program

Your Spa & Salon Disinfection Program

Determine what services and treatments your spa or salon offers

Spas and salons offer a variety of different services ranging from massage therapy to nail treatments. Reviewing the treatments your facility offers is the first step to ensuring appropriate disinfection protocols are in place for specific tools, equipment and surfaces.

Spa floor plan

Identify the surfaces, tools and equipment for disinfection

To determine what protocols should be in place, you should consider your day-to-day practices and keep in mind the following key areas:

  • High Touch Surfaces
  • Handheld Equipment
  • Footbaths
  • Reusable Tools
Spa chair, massage rocks, foot bath, reusable spa tools

Account for the mode of transmission of possible pathogens

Germs can be found in many areas in spas and salons. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind how pathogens may spread in your facility and which items are at higher risk of causing inflection.

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Spa Items Pathogen
High Touch Surfaces and
Handheld Equipment
Contaminated spa surfaces and equipment can transmit a number of germs between clients and workers, including bacteria that may cause skin infections/staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus) and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).
Footbaths and Basins Unclean footbaths can easily spread Athlete’s Foot and Nail Fungus (caused by the fungus Trichophyton interdigitale) to clients during pedicures.
Reusable Tools and Implements Tools have a higher risk of causing infection as they may come into contact with non-intact skin. Contaminated Spa Tools can even transmit serious blood borne infections including HIV, Hepatitis B and C viruses.

Selecting the right disinfectant format for each application

Some disinfectants are better suited for specific tasks to help you get the job done right. Your team will need to consider selecting the right disinfectant to suit your facility’s needs:

Rejuvenate Wipes Product
  • Hard Non-Porous Surfaces and Equipment
  • Workstations
  • Chairs and Stools
  • Massage Beds and Cradles
  • Skin and Body Equipment
  • Countertops
  • Magnifying Lamps
  • Massage Cups and Stones
Rejuvenate Spray Product
  • Hard Non-Porous Surfaces and Equipment
  • Workstations
  • Chairs and Stools
  • Massage Beds and Cradles
  • Countertops
  • Basin Footbaths
  • Sink and Shampooing Areas
  • Other Large Surfaces
Rejuvenate Concentrate Product
  • Hard Non-Porous Surfaces and Equipment
  • Workstations
  • Countertops
  • Chairs and Stools
  • Circulating and Non-Circulating Footbaths
  • Kitchen and Staff Rooms
  • Other Large Surfaces
Prevention Product
  • Reusable Stainless Steel and Hard Plastic Tools
  • Nail Clippers
  • Reusable Drill Bits
  • Metal Foot Files
  • Comedone Extractors
  • Tweezers


Timer showing 1 minute


Follow the required contact times to achieve disinfection:

Rejuvenate Wipes and Spray
1 minute for bacteria and viruses

Rejuvenate Concentrate
5 minutes for fungi, bacteria and viruses

Prevention  HLD8
8 minutes for bacteria, viruses and fungi

The contact time is the length of time a disinfectant takes to kill microorganisms. The surface, equipment or tools must remain wet/immersed for the full period to be effective.

Levels of Disinfection

You should determine which level of disinfection you need to achieve for your salon/spa surfaces, tools and devices.

Sterilization to sanitizing graphic

Low To Intermediate Level Disinfection: Required for most surfaces and larger equipment which only come into contact with intact skin. Examples include: countertops, keyboards, door handles, massage stones, UV LED Lamps, massage cups, footbaths, etc.

High Level Disinfection: Recommended for reusuable tools (semi-critical equipment) which may come into contact with non-intact skin or mucous membranes (around the eyes and mouth) as they pose a higher risk of infection and therefore should be treated with greater care. Examples include nail clippers, nippers, tweezers, nail files, foot files, etc.

Train your entire staff and have resources available

This site has everything you need to start using Rejuvenate for your disinfecting needs.

  • Review the content and watch our videos.
  • Download the Quick Start Guides and make them easily accessible for everyone.



Do you need to create or update your routine disinfecting protocols? There is a tool designed to help create protocols quickly and easily for each area in your spa or salon.

Making the steps, dilutions and contact times easy.

Protocol tool steps: select ideal product, application, contact time, drying time


It couldn’t have been any easier to set up custom protocols using the template you provided. Reopening plans for my skincare studio included a risk management plan that called for increased safety and sanitation measures that would reassure my clients. I had never used Rejuvenate, but I liked that their products were faster and stronger, even easier to use than what I was using. I took the online sanitation course, order my supplies, and incorporated their protocols into my program using the templates. Easy peasy!

Patricia Davismore – The Good Skin Company

Rejuvenate is amazing! The disinfecting protocols are even better! I love being able to have a handy sheet nearby to refer to if I need it! The protocols were so easy to design and implement. I can revise as needed. Great tool!

LaToya Jackson – Manicure U Natural Nail Services

As the mom of a heart transplant patient who is immunocompromised, I have always taken disinfection seriously in my daily life as well as in my nail studio. Upon reopening after the 7 week COVID shutdown in my state, I doubled down on those efforts by adding doorknobs, faucet handles, sign-in pens, etc. (anything my client or I have touched) to my between-client disinfection protocol. Not only does this help to protect my family at home, it protects my clients, who also mean a great deal to me.

Melanie Fortson – Mel Fortson Nails