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How to Use Prevention™ HLD8

How to Clean and Disinfect Nail Tools and Implements


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The New Standard Prevention HLD8

You have no idea how easy it has been to use your disinfectants. Not only that, but the minute my tools are out I feel 100% confident that they’re completely disinfected and ready to use! I love it!


This is more than we expected. We have been using Prevention™ HLD8 Disinfectant for a few days now and it’s been an interesting change. No rusty tools, quicker disinfection time, and no skin irritations. So far so good.


I love that HLD8 is an eco-friendly option and that I can soak my tweezers in for 8 minutes and in the same solution for 21 days as opposed to having to change it daily.


Where to Use Prevention™ HLD8

Prevention™ HLD8 is a high-level disinfectant for tools and implements. It destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi in 8 minutes!

Perfect for use on:

  • Reusable Stainless Steel and Hard Plastic Tools
  • Nail Clippers
  • Cuticle Scissors and Pushers
  • Reusable Drill Bits
  • Metal Foot Files
  • Comedone Extractors
  • Tweezers

How to Use Prevention™ HLD8

Tool disinfection should take place after each and every client service to prevent the spread of germs. It’s important to only use high-quality stainless steel and hard plastic reusable professional tools to avoid compatibility issues.

How To Use Video: Watch Video   Quick Start Guide: Download.

Rinsing tools under water


Clean, rinse and dry

Clean tools using water and detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Prevention being poured into clean container


Fill soaker

Pour Prevention™ HLD8 directly into soaker. The solution is ready-to-use and should not be diluted.

8 minute timer on cell phone


Soak tools and re-use solution

Fully immerse tools in Prevention™ HLD8 for only 8 minutes. Re-use solution for up to 21 days in a soaking tray.*

Container marked "disinfected"


Rinse, dry and store

Rinse tools with water and dry manually using a clean cloth or disposable towel. Store in a clean container marked “DISINFECTED”.

*The solution must be discarded after 21 days or sooner as dictated by the Prevention HLD8 Solution Test Strips.

Contact Time

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Effective In:
8 Minutes
Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi

Tools and Implements should be fully immersed for the entire contact time.

How to Validate Prevention™ HLD8

Use Prevention™ HLD8 Test Strips to validate the required level of hydrogen peroxide during the re-use period up to 21 days.

Quick Start Guide: Download

Dripping test strip


Dip and read for 60 seconds

Dip the padded end of the indicator test strip into the solution for 2 seconds. Then allow test strip to react for exactly 60 seconds.

Reviewing test strip results


Match the test strip to the indicator in a soaking tray

If the test strip doesn’t match the pass indicator color, and instead shows a failed result, then discard the solution.

Writing a label


Record activities

Record the date the solution was poured, test times and results using the Prevention™ HLD8 Log Chart.

Log Chart: Download

Success and Troubleshooting

8 Minutes is all it Takes.

Prevention™ HLD8 is not intended for use as a holding solution. Tools and implements should be removed after the 8-minute contact time. Excess exposure to the solution does not lead to improved efficacy and may actually lead to wear and tear on your tools over time.

In Doubt. Throw Out.

Learn to assess the cloudiness of the solution and use your test strips if unsure the product is still effective during the 21 day re-use period. If the solution is visibly contaminated or the test strips show a failing result, throw the solution out and pour fresh.

Quality is Key.

High quality stainless steel and hard plastic professional tools will have a longer life span after repeated cleaning and disinfection. Low quality tools and carbide bits can face compatibility issues when soaked in disinfectant solutions.

Always Ready-To-Use.

The solution does not require dilution or mixing with water, making it simple and saving you time. Simply pour Prevention™ HLD8 directly into the soaking tray and you are ready to disinfect.

Material Compatibility

Prevention™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant solution has been tested and found to be compatible with the materials shown below.

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Metals Plastics Elastomers
Mild Steel
Gold Plated Steel
Chrome Plated Steel
302 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
410 Stainless Steel
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
PTFE (Teflon®)
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Silicone Rubber
Natural Rubber (Red)

Pathogen Claims

To find out specific pathogen claims for Prevention™ HLD8, select the organism from the chart below.



Adenovirus Type 5

Disinfects in 8 minutes

A full list of pathogen claims can be found on the PreventionHLD8 Reference Sheet: Download


What is the difference between Prevention™ HLD8 and Rejuvenate™ Concentrate?

Rejuvenate™ concentrate is an EPA-registered surface disinfectant, which is designed for use on a wide range of surfaces (not tools) throughout your facility.


Prevention™ HLD8 is a high-level disinfectant formulated specifically for immersing tools and implements. Unlike Rejuvenate™, Prevention™ HLD8 is a high-level disinfectant, which is registered with the FDA rather than the EPA. As such, Prevention™ HLD8 exceeds the recommendations of most state guidelines, providing a higher level of protection. Instruments should be pre-cleaned with detergent and water, dried, and immersed in a container of Prevention™ HLD8 for 8 minutes. Tools should then be removed, rinsed and dried before reuse. The HLD8 solution can be reused for up to 21 days, provided it is not visibly soiled and it produces a PASS when verified using a test strip.

What type of tray should I use when soaking my tools in Prevention™ HLD8?

You can use any chemical-resistant plastic or medical grade stainless steel tray that has a lid (for proper storage). Using a shallow and wider tray can be more beneficial because it will allow you to spread your tools out in the solution more easily instead of clumping them all together, thus allowing complete immersion in the disinfectant solution ensuring proper contact with the entire instrument/tool during the 8-minute soak.

Why is Prevention™ HLD8 FDA registered? Does it meet my state guidelines?

The FDA is responsible for approving health care high-level disinfectants in the USA for use on semi-critical tools. Therefore, our Prevention™ HLD8 tool disinfectant solution is FDA registered. Prevention™ HLD8 exceeds most state guidelines as an acceptable FDA-approved high-level disinfectant for use on tools and semi-critical devices. While most state guidelines only require the use of an EPA-registered intermediate-level disinfectant which require 10 to 30 contact times, using an FDA-registered high-level disinfectant like Prevention™ HLD8 can provide an added layer of protection, with the added benefit of not needing to dispose of the solution every day where we are not only meeting expectations but exceeding them!


Our surface disinfecting products, like Rejuvenate™ Wipes, spray and concentrate are EPA registered, since the EPA is only responsible for reviewing surface disinfectants.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, go to Tips and FAQs

Approved Accessories

Solution Test Strips

Prevention™ HLD8 Solution Test Strips

Prevention™ HLD8 Solution Test Strips are designed exclusively for monitoring the level of hydrogen peroxide in the Prevention™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant solution during the re-use period. It is recommended that Prevention™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant solution be tested before each usage in order to guard against dilution or contamination which may lower the hydrogen peroxide concentration of the solution below a passing level. Shelf Life: 180 days from opening, or the labeled expiration date.

How to Use: Download     Product Sheet: Download

How To Use Prevention™ HLD8 Solution Test Strips